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Our Promise

Rare & Forever believes in more than just diamonds. We stand for inclusivity, diversity, and love of all kinds—a true reflection of you and all of your facets. Graded by the unrivaled technology of De Beers Group Industry Services, we promise accuracy, consistency, and uncompromised integrity with each diamond. Our diamonds are exclusively available at our authorized Rare & Forever jewelers for assurance and beauty you simply cannot find online. Our experts will help you find a diamond as rare as your journey and as forever as your love. Rare & Forever.

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Our Passion


Diamonds are a rare and timeless symbol of one's personal or shared-life journey. Mark the moments that matter most with a Rare & Forever diamond.


Rare & Forever offers assurance and confidence that you cannot get online. We provide you with a cutting edge security feature which ensures that your diamond is identifiable forever. The distinctive R&F logo and report number located on the edge of the table of the diamond provide peace of mind that a generic diamond cannot.


Rare & Forever is attainable luxury for everyone, no matter your love story, your orientation, or your journey in life. They’re a symbol of inclusivity, diversity, and love of all kinds—a true reflection of you and all of your facets.


With every diamond purchase, Rare & Forever donates to Diamonds Do Good so you know your diamond is making a difference in the world. Additionally, Rare & Forever’s distributor is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, an international organization dedicated to assuring sustainable standards and practices in the jewelry industry.


Rare & Forever diamonds are graded by the most advanced technology and verification instruments in the world for consistency and stunning diamonds every time. Exclusively graded by De Beers Group Industry Services, each diamond is certified as natural. Rare & Forever is also pre-screening for brown, green, or milky qualities to ensure maximum brilliance.

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Rare & Forever is only available to shop in-person. Book an appointment to visit a retailer to learn more about Rare & Forever and find your perfect diamond.