Take a peek below at some of the commonly asked questions about diamond shopping and Rare & Forever.

What makes a diamond special?

We believe diamonds are a rare and timeless symbol of someone’s personal or shared life journey. Whatever your story is, mark it with a Rare & Forever diamond. Because our diamond is more than just a diamond, it’s a symbol of inclusivity, diversity, and love of all kinds—a true reflection of you and all of your facets.

How are Rare & Forever diamonds graded differently than all other diamonds in the world?

Our diamonds are graded by AI technology instead of human opinion. Without question, Rare & Forever diamonds are the most accurate and consistently graded diamonds in the world.

What is the term BGM you speak on and why does it matter?

BGM is a diamond term we use to abbreviate Brown, Green, and Milky. These are hues that are natural to a diamond but lower the value significantly. We find many diamonds online to have these hues to allow them to be more profitable and cut corners. At Rare & Forever we screen and kick these out of our hand-selection process immediately because it does not meet the standard we set. Rare & Forever prescreens EVERY diamond prior to purchase to meet the standard set for maximum brilliance and value. Let’s be very clear: Rare & Forever diamonds are the most pretty, accurately graded, the most screened, reviewed, and beautiful diamonds you will find. If it’s been inscribed Rare & Forever, you can have confidence in what you are buying.

Why should I buy a diamond with a special security feature inscription?

A grading report offers proof of aspects like its carat weight, cut quality, color grade, clarity, and more. Without a grading report, you won’t even know with certainty if the diamond is real or synthetic. Our laser inscription on the edge of the table of the diamond, only visible with a special viewer, ensures that the diamond written about on the certificate is indeed your diamond. It’s an extra security feature that matches your diamond with the grading report number. Also, unlike any other grading company, ours is permanent, giving you confidence this cannot ever be removed.

Over time do I have the option to trade in my diamond and upgrade?

To the buyer’s eye, a diamond shrinks over time (not literally). We know over time that you may come across another ring or see a new trend you love and want to change it up. 


At Rare & Forever we love celebrating all love stories so we will take back our diamonds at any time in your journey and you only pay the difference of the new diamond you choose. This is just another feature we offer to stand by our clients for life and be there when a celebration is needed. Many other brands or online sellers will take the diamonds back but they make you pay double in value to do so.

I've done my research. What don't I know about the 4C's of diamond shopping?

Rare and Forever goes beyond the 4C’s to educate the diamond buyer so they are confident not only in knowing what they’re buying but also that the diamond purchased is sold for an accurate price based on the quality. 

We don’t cut corners just to hit price points yet quite the opposite: we set standards to protect our consumers while still offering attainable luxury.

Our standards for the 4C’s might surprise you! Read more about each of the 4C’s and how to look beyond numbers and letters here.

After all the research I’ve done and even visiting physical stores why has no one ever mentioned BGM?

Online doesn’t bring up BGM because the certificates they carry do not screen for BGM. Retailers don’t bring up as they don’t screen for BGM when buying. This is a rare process that we must do and bring to the customer’s attention for transparency and we’re one of the first if not only to do so. Others sell on price; we sell on transparency, quality, and accuracy. It’s a game-changer!

Where can I buy a Rare & Forever diamond?

Our diamonds are exclusively available at our independent authorized Rare & Forever jewelers for assurance and beauty you simply cannot find online. Also, you will never find our diamonds at large chain stores as we don’t believe in mass production and cannot have our consistency and process on such a scale. Our experts will help you find a diamond as rare as your journey and as forever as your love. Just enter your zip code on our store locator here to find one near you.

How does Rare & Forever celebrate all love stories?

Through all of Rare & Forever’s marketing efforts, it’s evident that all are welcome in the Rare & Forever family and deserve the best diamond. That’s why we say “when only the best will do” and don’t discriminate against any kind of love story or walk of life who wants to enjoy these diamonds. Later down the road in your love story, shall you ever want to exchange your Rare & Forever diamond for another, we will take back the original diamond and you will only pay the difference! Our Upgrade for Life option is an additional peace of mind to a large purchase.