What You Don't Know About Diamonds

BEYOND The 4 C's

 Shop Beauty, Not Letters

When it comes to diamond shopping and researching online, you’ve probably noticed different letters of the alphabet that appear to have some important meaning and fluctuate price. Bottom line: It’s confusing! We’re here to walk you through what these letters and numbers mean to steer you toward making an educated purchase for an absolutely beautiful diamond.  

So, let’s look beyond the 4C’s of diamond grading. We are sharing our trade secrets we have gathered from our history as the national leader among diamond distributors since 1987.

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Reading Beyond the 4C’s

Most diamond graders only look for yellow tint, but they don’t screen for brown, green, or milky qualities. When you see diamonds in-person, you might notice you can have two H color diamonds next to each other and one always appears whiter than the other. The reason being is because there are other factors that play into this like BGM, fluorescence, or even cut. For example, if you have a poorly cut diamond compared to a Rare & Forever diamond that is a Very Good or Excellent cut, because of the better cut grade and our pre-screening for BGM, our diamond sparkles more. 

What Every Other Site Will Tell You

Interestingly, the diamond color evaluation done on most gem-quality diamonds is based on the absence of color. This is the one C of the 4C’s that you’ll be able to see most vividly every single day. Rare & Forever typically offers diamonds from the popular F to J color range—what we call the sweet spot—based on diamond sales all over the world to give you the best value for your money.


Reading Beyond the 4C’s

Online diamond buying means you may be surprised by what your clarity grading actually looks like when you get your diamond. Know that the diamonds online are not hand-selected with you in mind like they are with Rare & Forever. Other prominent online sellers don’t own their diamond inventory or look at every single diamond before selling them to you, meaning the first time a human eye is seeing them is when it’s sold to you! Making one of the largest and most important purchases sight-unseen is a huge risk. As a buyer, viewing a diamond in-person will help you see that SI1 clarity diamonds and SI2 clarity diamonds may have significant appearance differences.

Some of the world’s most well-known diamond laboratories seen on prominent online seller’s sites do not pre-screen diamonds for undesirable qualities before they are graded. There are inclusions that are black, white, small or large so some are more noticeable than others. One major difference with Rare & Forever is our process: even prior to grading we hand pick every diamond. So if we have the choice to choose an SI2 diamond with a slight white inclusion on the side or a black pinpoint directly in the center, we will choose the better SI2 all day long.

What Every Other Site Will Tell You

The clarity refers to the existence and visual appearance of internal characteristics within a diamond. Every characteristic will appear different in terms of size, the color of the inclusion, and if it’s visible or not. The most important part of choosing a diamond is to visually see this in person and make sure the grading done is accurate and meets your needs. Every Rare & Forever diamond goes through a stringent process where we hand-select each diamond, screen it for quality control, and grade it with technology. We are the 1% grading diamonds with AI (Technology). This Rare & Forever selection process ensures that have the most consistently and accurately graded diamonds.


Reading Beyond the 4C’s

Cut matters more than you think it does to determine the overall beauty of a diamond. Even if you have the best of the best when it comes to the color or clarity, if you don’t have a Very Good or above cut, it will still look like a dull diamond. Rare & Forever pre-screens all diamonds to ensure maximum brilliance and only offers Very Good to Excellent cut or above.

What Every Other Site Will Tell You

Cut refers to how the rough diamond was sliced by a laser to become the final loose diamond shape. The cut of a diamond determines about 50% of the value of a diamond as well as how much the diamond sparkles. The cut grades range from Poor to Excellent—Excellent being the highest quality. See the visual below which represents how the ideal cut allows light to go into a diamond and reflect back to the wearer. This is how a diamond gets its sparkle! Deep or shallow cut diamonds lose their sparkly appearance as it refracts light out the sides or bottom of a diamond. Feel confident in knowing every Rare & Forever diamond goes through a process and must meet the standard of being Very Good to Excellent cut or above. 

Carat (Size)

Reading Beyond the 4C’s

Two 1.00 carat diamonds can appear larger or smaller than one another. It depends on the cut! Some diamonds can be cut uniquely and look a lot bigger but in reality, weigh less. Some diamonds can be cut to hit a certain weight like 1.00ct but portion-wise all of the weight is below and visually appears much smaller in terms of circumference. 

What Every Other Site Will Tell You

Carat refers to the overall weight of the diamond. Just as a dollar contains 100 pennies, each carat consists of 100 points. For example, a 75 point diamond will weigh 0.75 carats. Rare and Forever selects diamonds from 1/2ct to 2 carats so no matter your love story or lifestyle our diamonds are attainable luxury for you.