AI Technology Graded Natural Diamonds—We’re the 1%

While 99%+ of prominent laboratories grade diamonds the old-fashioned way—determining the grades of diamonds based on human opinions—we are the 1% grading diamonds with AI (Technology). Our rare process ensures the world’s most accurately and consistently graded diamonds.

The future is here.

The first step to our unique process is prescreening diamonds to reject all those with what we call “BGM” (Brown, Green, Milky hues within the white diamond). These hues not only devalue the diamond but are difficult to identify when researching diamonds online. Take note that these hues are not disclosed on 99% of the prominent grading reports and laboratories. We however are the 1%, setting the standard for maximum brilliance, bringing transparency and trust to individuals buying diamonds.

Researching Diamonds Online? Learn the Truth.

Here’s what other prominent online sellers won’t tell you beyond the 4C’s. 

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We Do Diamonds Differently

Technology & Education

Rare & Forever has a tedious selection process for quality control. We pre-screen for brown, green, or milky qualities to ensure maximum brilliance. Our diamonds go through the Rare & Forever selection and grading process to ensure accuracy and provide a grading report you can trust. 


Security & Confidence

We provide you with a cutting edge security feature which ensures that your diamond is identifiable forever. The distinctive R&F logo and report number located on the edge of the table of the diamond provides peace of mind that a generic diamond cannot provide.

Inclusivity & Diversity

Rare & Forever is attainable luxury for everyone, no matter your love story, your orientation, or your journey in life. All are welcome to join the Rare & Forever family. 

Integrity & Authenticity

We donate to Diamonds Do Good® so you know your diamond is making a difference in the world. Our distributor is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, an international organization dedicated to assuring sustainable standards and practices in the jewelry industry.


Security You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Our laser inscription on the table of the diamond, visible with our special viewer, ensures that the diamond matches the certificate.

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Diamond Glossary

Diamond Glossary

Our Diamond Glossary quickly defines everything you need to know when considering buying a diamond.

Insuring Your Diamond

Insuring Your Diamond

Insuring your diamond has never been easier with our Zillion partnership that comes with your Rare & Forever diamond.