How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Choose the Perfect Diamond

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Choose the Perfect Diamond

Chris Croteau

Nov 15, 2021

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has become a part of our everyday lives, setting new standards for the way we find information (Hello, Alexa!), choose products and services, and so much more. 

The powerful technology provides us with better, more personalized experiences. It helps us find what most accurately reflects our tastes and our values, while saving us time and helping us to make the most of our hard-earned money. It’s no wonder that companies around the globe are projected to double their spending on A.I. by 2024. 

Chances are, you’re familiar with many of the ways A.I. impacts your day-to-day, from pointing you to movies you’ll like on Netflix, providing directions to your favorite restaurant and personalizing your Instagram feed.  Did you know that the technology can also help you buy a diamond?

It’s true. Just as A.I. is evolving other areas of our lives and nearly every industry, it is revolutionizing the jewelry business by providing more accurate, consistent diamond grading. 

Diamond grading, the process of evaluating a diamond and determining its value based on its cut, clarity, color, and carat weight (dubbed the Four Cs), is long overdue for modernization. For more than a century, it’s been done the old-fashioned way, a process that is subjective and based on human opinion, rather than on industry standards, and confusing for consumers. 

Using machines to grade diamonds with A.I. makes the process more accurate, consistent, and totally unbiased. It’s based on data, rather than on opinions. With A.I. grading, shoppers see exactly what they are buying.  

Rare & Forever is grading to a higher standard with A.I. They are natural diamonds, ethically-sourced and hand-selected for their highest quality. 

To ensure maximum brilliance (the sparkle factor), Rare & Forever diamonds are first prescreened for flaws like Brown, Green and Milky hues (BGM) that devalue the diamond and detract from its beauty. These flaws are overlooked with old-fashion grading and difficult to identify when researching diamonds online, yet they are core indicators of a diamond’s quality.

Machine grading with A.I. provides the most accurate grading available. It’s a difference you can see in your diamond. 

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