How to Take the Stress Out of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Take the Stress Out of Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Chris Croteau

Dec 10, 2021

Finding the perfect diamond to celebrate the love you have found is incredibly exciting. Worthy of celebration! But, let’s be real: It may be your first time buying a diamond and it can feel complicated thanks to long-standing myths that have mystified and muddled the experience.  

While there's a lot to consider when shopping for a diamond, we can debunk the most common diamond buying misconceptions so you can focus on what really matters—making a purchase you feel good about. 

Let’s simplify and destress the process by busting three of the most common misconceptions about diamond buying:


Myth #1: You should focus strictly on the 4 C’s 

Diamond shopping has long focussed on a diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Important? Yes, but what about the quality of the raw material? Quality is not covered in most grading reports that focus solely on the four C’s. And, yet, a diamond’s imperfections like Brown, Green, or Milky hues (BGM) can devalue it and detract from its beauty.  

Take for example, two round diamonds that have an identical cut grade of “excellent.” One doesn’t catch your eye as much as the other. It lacks sparkle because of its milky hues (most reports screen only for yellow color) and the way it handles light. And, despite having identical cut grade and certificates, one may cost as much as 20 to 30 percent more, based on the overall quality and character of the cut. 

You may be surprised by what your diamond looks like if you only focus on the four C’s, especially if you purchase it online, sight unseen.


Myth #2: Grading reports are the holy grail of diamonds.

When you look at a diamond online, you’re looking at a photo and a grading report. Did you know that more than 99 percent of prominent labs grade diamonds the old-fashioned way—based not on science, technology or a magical industry standard but simply on human opinion? It’s true. Grading reports are not all created equal. Grading is subjective, which makes grading reports inconsistent and often inaccurate.

For a true representation of the diamond you are considering, look for those graded with cutting edge technology. Rare & Forever diamonds are natural diamonds that are ethically sourced and hand-selected for their highest quality. They are carefully prescreened for BGM to ensure maximum brilliance, and exclusively graded with artificial-intelligence tools to provide accurate, unbiased grading to show you exactly what you are buying.

Myth #3: Buying online is the way to go.

For years, jewelers have been told that younger buyers like you want to purchase diamonds on the Internet. It’s a valid assumption based on millennials’ and Gen Z’s preference for online shopping, yet it’s wildly untrue. When it comes to buying a diamond, up to 95 percent of younger shoppers want to buy a diamond in-store where they can see and touch their choices and get expert advice from a live person. 

The Internet may offer great deals on diamonds, but in order to offer that price, sellers often need to disguise poor quality with inaccurate grading and hard to understand certificates. Buying online means you don't really know what you’re buying—how could you from a photo and a confusing certificate? You’ve never seen the diamond you select and chances are the seller may not have seen it either. 

Family jewelers, trustworthy members of your own community, can bring transparency to the process. In addition to seeing and holding the diamond you are considering, you also get their expert advice and a lifetime of service for your purchase, like cleanings and assistance with future purchases. 

Authorized Rare & Forever diamond jewelers can also provide access to the world’s highest quality diamonds, diamonds that are ethically sourced and hand-selected for their brilliance and graded with unparalleled accuracy.

Choosing a Trusted Source for Your Important Purchase

Buying a diamond should be thrilling, momentous and without stress. Understanding how to evaluate a diamond and finding a jeweler you can trust can demystify the process and help you find the perfect choice for you. 

Authorized Rare & Forever jewelers offer top quality diamonds and can answer your questions in person or via virtual visits, providing the expertise, integrity, and service that only a community business can. 

To find an authorized jeweler near you who can help take the stress out of buying a diamond engagement ring, visit our partner page