Redefining the Diamond Shopping Experience

Redefining the Diamond Shopping Experience

Chris Croteau

Sep 21, 2021

Welcome to Rare & Forever, designed especially for modern-day shoppers like you who are looking for a better way to buy diamonds.

We promise transparency, authenticity and trust, tenets that have long been absent from the jewelry industry, and yet exactly what today’s buyers have come to expect.

Millennials and Gen Zers now make up the vast majority of diamond buyers and they’ve shaken up the jewelry business. Up to 95 percent want to buy a diamond in-store from a knowledgeable expert they can trust, rather than sight unseen on the Internet. They do extensive research before they buy and want to feel good about their purchase.

What's more, 86 percent of younger buyers care about brand. And they expect the brand they choose to share their values. They want it to be inclusive and representative of all kinds of love. They want their diamonds ethically sourced. 

We get it. And we’re delivering.

We’ve shifted the diamond business back to local diamond experts—the businesses you know and trust—and provide access to the highest quality, most accurately graded diamonds. 

Unlike 99 percent of diamonds out there that are graded based on human opinion and confusing reports, Rare & Forever diamonds are prescreened for imperfections—like Brown, Green and Milky (BGM) hues that devalue a diamond and detract from its sparkle—and graded with cutting-edge AI technology. 

Our goal is to help you learn about diamonds and connect you to the nearest authorized Rare & Forever jeweler so you can view diamonds in person or via a virtual visit, get expert advice from a knowledgeable, trustworthy source, and establish a relationship for future jewelry purchases, repairs and cleanings. 

And through our blog, you can find a community of shoppers who want to buy diamonds that are graded based on unbiased innovation, rather than hype. This like-minded, yet diverse community is here to share ideas for proposals and for celebrating life’s most important milestones.

Thank you for being part of it!